Becoming A Vendor

If interested in CONCESSIONS or VENDOR

Please CONTACT: Karen Stover at (816) 918-6181 or J. D. Green (816) 668-8609 for a registration entry.

Concessions must have approval and meet the following requirements:

Complete appropriate vendor Food/Beverage Application and a Hold Harmless Agreement (provided by Ms. Stover) and submit appropriate fees ($200.00 for commercial or $100.00 for Non-profit organizations) and insurance information. All participants (including 501c3) are required to provide proof of insurance liability in the amount of $1,000,000.00 showing the City of North Kansas City, NT Realty, NKC Hospital & Northland Festivals, Inc. as additional insured pursuant to the attached insurance requirements. Your insurance certificate must accompany your application. Complete the application in its entirety and mail along with your check and insurance verification to: Northland Festivals, Inc., 320 Armour Road, Suite 220 North Kansas City, MO 64116. The deadline for submitting all paperwork is February 25, 2017.

Secure a food permit from the Clay County Health Department. Deadline to obtain a food permit is February 25, 2017.