Lately, we hear a lot about buying local and supporting local businesses.  Growing up in a small town, it was easy to buy into that idea.  Living in what is essentially a small town in the middle of a big city it is one of the things I cherish.  Walking to the local theater for first run movies and classics; spending time in a state of the art library with my kids; playing in the beautiful parks and community center; and plenty of options for dining and night life are all part of the charm that is North Kansas City.

This week I had the pleasure of seeing not only what it means to live in NKC but to own a business here.  I pulled up in front of a local business on a very cold day (if you live in Missouri, you know how brutal cold it was recently) with fresh snow on the ground. I was there just before the doors opened for business.  As I sat in my warm car waiting patiently for it to open, I witnessed something wonderful.

The owner got out of his car and proceeded to walk up both sides of the street in front of his business and also the other businesses along the street and pick up trash from the street and sidewalks.  Much of the trash was clearly not from his business. He did this in the brutal cold and with a smile on his face.  It was evident it was his pleasure to pick up trash, a task he could easily have asked his employees to do.  He smiled at me as he passed my car. Who was this business owner?  Mark McNelly of Paul and Jack’s Tavern!

This is the very essence of what it means to be community and live, work or play in NKC.  A huge heart felt thank you goes out to Mark and Paul and Jack’s Tavern for the dedicated commitment to North Kansas City and to Snake Saturday Parade and Festival.  If you happen to be in NKC on the first weekend of the month, stop by for my favorite menu item- prime rib… the best in the city as far as I am concerned. Or stop by any time for their house cut steaks, sandwiches and watch a game or two.

It’s a good time to explore North Kansas City, the people and the businesses here.