Northland Festivals, Inc announces a “Spooky Snake Saturday” as it’s solution to COVID restrictions for the 2021 parade and festival.

What will mark the 37th Annual Snake Saturday Parade and Festival has been postponed until October 23, 2021. This decision was almost as difficult as the decision to cancel the parade in 2020. The Northland Festivals board along with the City of North Kansas City and North Kansas City Hospital came to the decision to postpone the parade after considering the resurgence of COVID 19 and factoring the safety and wellbeing of parade spectators, participants and staff.

Northland Festivals is excited to put on the parade in the fall with great hopes that COVID 19 will be manageable at that point. You can expect some similar features along with the parade including the free children’s area, carnival, CARB race car show, and of course lots of charity entries in the parade!
“We appreciate the City of North Kansas City working with us to find a way to produce a 2021 Snake Saturday Parade and Festival and keep the tradition alive. Our primary goal is to give away money to charities and provide a community and family event. Including 2020, we have given $1.6 Million to charities in the past 36 years”.

2021 EVENTS:

The Grand Marshal Celebration will become “Green Friday Party Box” and held on March 12, 2021. We will announce more details about the Green Friday Party Box in January. We hope to resume the traditional Grand Marshal Celebration in 2022. Since the 2020 parade was canceled the 2021 Grand Marshal will be John Miller Sr.

Registrations for a Spooky Snake Saturday will begin July 1st, 2021. The Charity Cook-Off will be held on Friday October 22, 2021 with the Parade and Festival the following day. The date and details for the Lad and Lassie will be announced later this spring. The theme for 2021 will be “Lucky to Be In NKC”.

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