Let’s take a look Behind the Scenes of Snake Saturday. There are numerous people working behind the scenes to make Snake Saturday the great event it has become. Many of these people just love doing their little bit to make Snake Saturday the huge success it has become, from those working on their floats, to those preparing badges, to those coordinating for extra policemen and women, to those ordering T-Shirts and Selling them, to those organizing the parade, to those working the festival area, to the carnival, to getting and training judges, to the North Kansas City City Council, to the Mayor, to those students at North Kansas City and Winnetonka High School participating in a T-Shirt design contest, to the Boy Scouts and Area North Kansas City Businesses selling T-Shirts, to preparing the Grand Marshal Celebration and all its festivities, to the annual Lad and Lassie event, to the Charity Cookoff the Night before the Parade and Festival, yes there is a ton of Behind the Scenes Work.

Behind the Scenes of Snake Saturday 2

I have been fortunate to be the President of Northland Festivals these past 8 years thanks to Mickey Finn, previous 28-year President, visiting me at a Local Racetrack in the Seeburg Muffler Suite and asking me to be his replacement in front of 20 people. Hmm, kind of hard to say anything but yes! What excitement though, for 20 plus years we had been involved with the car show in the Festival Area put on by the Central Auto Racing Boosters. First thing I discovered, as President of Northland Festivals, was what a great group of Board of Directors who have a “Make it Happen” attitude work behind the scenes. But the largest portion of becoming President is witnessing how everything comes together to make such a beautiful event! Snake Saturday is four days of fun, Grand Marshal Celebration, Lads and Lassies, Charity Cookoff, and of course the Parade and Festival.

If I can, I want to write weekly between now and March 14 a little bit of the behind the scenes events which take place. Believe me when I say, I am eight years in as President and I am still learning!

Behind the Scenes of Snake Saturday 1

Inspired today because of an email from Duane Marusarz, Municipal Services Superintendent, we were coordinating with the YMCA via email for the use of the bleachers for our VIP Seating area. This is what the email stated, “We pick up the 4 sets of bleachers from the YMCA on Friday around 9:00 A.M. We put them out as we pick them up. After the parade, we take them to our fenced in area at 1206 Howell shop. We pressure wash them and return them to the YMCA on Monday morning.” Little things like this even as President I was not aware until today.

Do you know who stores the Snake Saturday Grand Marshal Float and has for 30 plus years? Next week’s Behind the Scenes!

J D Green – President