Homegrown by Heroes. KC Cattle Company will be one of our new food vendors for Snake Saturday. Located on the backside of the hill which comprises Snow Creek north of Weston, Missouri, this 300-acre farm is raising Wagyu beef. Anyone around a KCBS barbeque contest will know that this is primo beef!

This company is comprised of four Veterans from our military. Led by a former Army ranger, Patrick Montgomery. Patrick served with the 1st Ranger Battalion. He is a Kansas City area native. Tyler Hines is the Vice President of Operations, serving in the Army as an Officer in the Military Police Battalion. Kale Swing is the President of Product Development. Kale served in the Navy doing small boat Riverine operations. Kale has served as Patrol Officer, Detective, and SWAT Officer for the North Kansas City Police Department from 2014-2019. John Parker is Head of Social Media. John served in the Navy as a Combat Cameraman and is a Kansas City Native.

KC Cattle Company was started to raise quality beef for the very same people and communities these Heroes once served during their time in the military. Through sweat, blood, and hardship they learned in the military they apply these same practices in agriculture by raising and selling Wagyu Beef.

Wagyu simply means black cow in Japanese. The breed was selected by the Japanese for their physical endurance but yielded an accidental benefit. As the animals were selected over hundreds of years, extraordinary amounts of intramuscular fat developed to support their strenuous physical activity. In premium steaks, intramuscular fat means marbling, and marbling means flavor. This is one of the factors that makes Wagyu steaks so incredibly wonderful. The second attribute of Wagyu is the lower melting point of the intramuscular fat. These traits combined make for a unique and delectable eating experience.

Our goal is to remain motivated and engaged in the Kansas City community while providing a superior Wagyu beef product. Ultimately, at the end of the day we want to be a household name in the Kansas City region. KC Cattle Company has gone a long way in this respect.

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The following is the write up from Fall 2019 Food and Wine Magazine about their hotdogs. “This hot dog blew us away. The umami! The spice! The beefiness! It was basically like eating a steak in a bun, or an elevated “tube steak,” if you will,” it read. “Although it doesn’t strictly remind me of a hot dog in flavor, I’m 100 percent sold—it also stands up to toppings really well, and the flavor still comes through.”