Snake Saturday since its inception has handed out numerous awards and prize money. We could not accomplish all we have without our great sponsors and what has become their annual donation to the organization. It starts with North Kansas City Hospital when it comes to prize money. Additionally, we receive support from NKC Beverage, Country Club Bank, Mid America Contractors, NKC Business Council, NT Realty, Paul and Jacks, and Worlds of Fun. The assistance from these businesses makes it all possible to provide the great prize money for the charities and other organizations.

The 501c3 Division also known as the Rainbow Division is scored by our panel of judges, based on their floats theme orientation, design, and music. First prize in this category is $7,000 and drops all the way down to $200, all this with only a $50 entry fee.

The FOGY (Family, Organized Groups, Youth Groups, Scout Packs, Teams, Non-Profit Organizations-excluding 501c3) is a group which again when judged they can win $2,000 as the top prize and at the worst they get their $50 prize money back.

Drill Teams have no entry fee and no prize money, but they are judged, and the winner is announced at the Awards program and given a ribbon for their first prize.

School Spirit is open to Accredited High School and Middle School Clubs. School Spirit can win a $1,000 top prize. This is a rapidly growing group vying for the prize. All entries leave with more than their $50 entry.

Bands is a category for the High School Bands. There is no entry fee just coordination ahead of time that they are coming to march in the parade. Usually they are vying for the Best Musical Presentation, but sometimes the Drill Teams may walk away with the best musical presentation.

Commercial, Motorcycle Groups, and Automobile Groups are not judged but oh the beauty of their entries is simply a site to see.

Also for the 501c3 organizations, maybe they don’t want to build a float, well can they cook a steak? The Charity Cookoff is an event designed exactly for these groups. First prize in the steak cook off is $1,000 and the steak is provided. This is the ultimate tailgate party and a way for a 501c3 to earn money for their organization’s cause.

Speaking of judges, we need to thank them. Many of these judges start at 8 a.m. and then take their seats just before 11 a.m. Last minute potty breaks are the norm because once the parade reaches their area it is nonstop for the next hour and forty-five minutes. And their decisions affect who earns the prize money which is paid.

So get ready several are already planning to Paint the Town Green on March 10.

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